19 December 2008



前幾天的新聞,取自於 Metro,標題叫做 Poor white boys are out-classed.

Poor white British boys are out-performed at GCSE level by every other ethnic group and by girls, according to official figures out today.

The expected standard of five A to C grades, including English and maths, was achieved by only 16 per cent of white boys entitled to free school meals this year.

This was well below the national average for all students of 48 per cent. In contrast, 62.5 per cent of boys from wealthier backgrounds were successful.

Across all ethnic groups, 20 per cent of poorer boys achieved the standard. More than half of poor Chinese boys (56 per cent) reached the target, as did 32 per cent of poor Asian boys and a quarter of poor black boys.

Schools minister Jim Knight said the key was creating aspiration among people from poorer backgrounds.

'In groups doing really well, their culture and values are family and education.'

The wealth gap continued when it came to girls, with only 27 per cent who got free school meals achieving five A to C grades including English and maths, against 55.5 per cent who did not qualify for free meals.

' Poverty can never be used as an excuse but the stark fact is that it is the reason for low achievement among many white working-class young people '

雖然 poor 在這邊是指貧窮, 不過讓我想起來了一個梗. 去年買了一個 Tomtom 給 Adam, 也就是GPS汽車衛星導航, 每次坐進了車我們才會把 Tomtom 打開. 有時候因為所在地點的關係, 像是在地下停車場啊, 荒郊野外啊之類的, 衛星導航都會顯示"目前訊號不良", 也就是 "Poor GPS signal ..."

第一次看到這個訊號的時候, 不知道為什麼, 我只看到了前面兩個字 - Poor GPS, 還覺得很奇怪, Tomtom這公司還真可愛, 不過這和可憐的衛星導航有什麼關係...


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西班牙加菲貓的媽 said...

妳還好啦!妳的 GPS 才只是"目前訊號不良"而已,我家的 GPS 專挑最難走、最貴 (收費的高速公路)的路走。
兩星期前我到一個朋友家,其實離 vic 很近,但是 Poor GPS 竟不走六公里長的大馬路,帶我們繞二三十公里長的山路,多花了一個小時的時間 ....

Corrine said...

還記得幾年前從 Geneva 開車過法國國界到一個滑雪中心。朋友的 GPS 在開了車一個多小時之後到了目的地的還在叫我們回頭走另外一條路。哈!